The Promising Magic of Disney+

If you read our Disney+ Library Info post, you know that I wasn’t immediately on board with Disney’s streaming service. In fact, after sitting through the ‘Plus Panel’ at the D23 Expo, we both left feeling underwhelmed. The Marvel previews fell flat, and most of the original programming didn’t seem like it was our speed.

This might seem like an odd perspective from someone who is Disney-obsessed and writes Disney posts daily on a blog about Disney. However, as we’ve shared countless times, we’re primarily Disney Parks fans. Our interest of all things Star Wars, Marvel, Pixar, etc. (We still haven’t seen the last two films by Walt Disney Animation Studios, although I actually am really looking forward to seeing Frozen 2.)

In terms of television programming, HBO has been more my speed than Disney’s past offerings, and I assumed that meant Disney+ would be potentially “not for me.” However, after a week with the streaming service, I’m sold. (At least, for now.) We’re loving Disney+ and enjoying its features, content, and approach much more than expected. In this, we’ll offer first impressions of Disney Plus magic & misses, along with what I’d like to see out of Disney+ as it grows and evolves…

The first element of the Disney+ magic is seeing so many classic Disney films, animated shorts, television specials, and so on. I’ve never been a huge fan of the Disney Vault, but it sure has worked out in Disney’s favor for this streaming service. When you first start browsing Disney+, it makes a strong first impression to see so much all at once that hasn’t seen the light of day in years.

I spent well over an hour just browsing and building out a Disney+ watch list before ever watching anything. My expectation was that the content library on Disney+ would be pretty light at launch (and compared to Netflix, it is) but I was surprised by just how much is available. Lots of Walt-era stuff I’ve never seen, other things I haven’t seen in ages, and plenty of stuff I didn’t even know exists. Just browsing Disney+ is a ton of fun.

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